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The College Express is dedicated to helping students successfully prepare for, select, and apply to US colleges and universities.

Because it is so important, applying to schools, whether here in the US or coming from the UK, can be stressful. Many families find that they are either not familiar enough with some aspects of the process or  don’t have enough time to be as helpful as they would like.

As an experienced college adviser, I have worked with students at all stages from the US and UK to develop a strong applicant profile and university list and have successfully placed my students in top universities throughout the US.

I offer a variety of services, including yearly advising packages, hourly consultations, seminars and  application ‘WORK‘shops for seniors/Grade 12 students. All are designed to help parents and students make more informed decisions, to offer them more choices, and to make the process more manageable and less stressful. learn more…

Especially for International Students:

The College Express offers comprehensive, personalised service designed specifically for UK students (from British, IB and American schools) hoping to attend a US university. Through a unique combination of personal meetings, video conferencing. local application workshops, and guided university tours, you will have the opportunity to explore and prepare for all the educational options available in the US.  Using our knowledge of  the selection process, we help you meet the academic requirements as well as develop the strong  personal CV that will make your application stand out. learn more..